White Crayfish are a vibrant and beautiful addition to any freshwater aquarium. But, these crayfish, like other freshwater aquarium crayfish can be aggressive. So, it’s best to keep them in species-only tanks. Here’s everything you need to know about raising white crayfish in a fish tank.

White Crayfish Pictures

NameWhite Crayfish/White Specter Crayfish
Scientific NameProcambarus Alleni
Tank Size30 gallons (minumum)
Size6 inches (adult)
Optimal Temperature66-86° F
Optimal PH6.5-8.0
Optimal KH3-8
Lifespan5-6 years
White Crayfish Overview

White Crayfish Tank Size

The minimum aquarium size for a single adult white crayfish is 30 gallons (long). The more crayfish, the larger the tank needs to be. In general, they are not hostile toward the same species but as with all crayfish tensions can run high when there isn’t enough space in the tank.


White crayfish prefer a mixture of sand and gravel substrate because they like to burrow. Add lots of aquarium decorations, aquarium plants, and caves to the tank which provide hiding places for the crayfish when molting.


White Specter Crayfish enjoy a diet of meat-based sinking pellets, blanched vegetables, or algae wafers. They may also eat leftover fish food, flakes, live plants, dead plants.

Tank Mates

Though they are more peaceful than other species of aquarium crayfish, they will still attack small fish or slow-moving fish. It’s best to avoid aquarium shrimp, aquarium snails, and freshwater clams.

How Rare Is A White Crayfish?

The White Specter Crayfish is rare a variety of the Electric Blue Crayfish, which originates from the rivers and streams of Florida and the Florida Keys. White Crayfish usually cost more than their blue counterparts given that they are so rare.


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