The Brazilian Pennywort is a popular freshwater aquarium plant. In pet stores, you can buy Brazilian Pennywort in plastic pots, or as trimmings bundled by a rubber band. It is also known as Brazilian Water Ivy or Pennywort.

Brazilian Pennywort grows fast and has vibrant and colorful green leaves. It is a very fast-growing and low-maintenance plant with large lily-pad-like leaves.

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How To Buy Healthy Brazilian Pennywort Plants

When you are buying Pennywort plants, the leaves should look healthy. There should be no holes, tears, or breakage. Healthy leaves are light green and shaped like the leaves of a lily pad.

The stems of the Brazilian Pennywort grow like vines. They should have no breakage and should not be limping. The vines, while flexible, should be sturdy. The roots of the Brazilian Pennywort are offwhite and grow under the stem joints.

How To Care For A Brazilian Pennywort Plant

Brazilian Pennywort care is easy. You can root it in the substrate, or you can let it can be a floating plant. Rooted Brazilian Pennywort looks best as a midground or background plant. When rooted, Pennywort grows as a stem plant up toward the surface toward the light.

Floating Brazilian Pennywort grow leaves on the top of the water surface. It provides shade and cover for aquatic animals. Pennywort grows fast, so you will need to do a bit of trimming to keep the growth under control.

Water Parameters

  • Aquarium pH: 6.0 – 7.8
  • Water Temperature: 68 – 82 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Tank Size: Any Size
  • Lighting: Adaptable (Varies)

Growth Rate

Brazilian Pennywort grows fast, whether in low light or intense light. Of course, with more light, it will grow even quicker. Add some plant fertilizer, and the growth rate increases even more. Be sure to research the kind of fertilizer needed. Some fertilizers can harm fish, snails, clams, shrimp, and even plants.


When the Pennyworth plant is plentiful, you need to start trimming the stems to keep it under control. When cutting the excess stem, do not tug the plant and avoid tearing the plant. A quick snip with a pair of shears will do the job.


Reproduction & propagation is easy with the Brazilian Pennywort. Cut a few inches of the stem that has lots of leaves. Let that cut piece float in the water. You can also plant longer stems into the substrate. In a few days to a week, the trimmed end should grow roots. In some instances, a single Pennywort leaf with a stem attached can grow into a plant if left floating in the water.


Video: Brazilian Pennywort Care Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you grow Pennywort in water?

Brazilian Pennywort plants thrive in varying water conditions and can even grow in low light conditions. With proper nutrients and lighting, Pennywort plants can grow several inches every few days. It can be grown planted in the substrate, or it can be left to float in the aquarium.

How do you grow a Brazilian Pennywort?

Planting Brazilian Pennywort is as easy. Place stems into the substrate and they start to grow from there. They also grow when left floating. These plants adapt to varying water conditions with ease. See above for tips on how to plant Brazilian Pennywort.